Ways to design Cheap Kitchens

Are you after suggestions on designing Cheap Kitchens? Well you have come to the correct place because small adjustments to the way you design your kitchen could be extremely important when it comes to how successful your kitchen design is.
Columbia Cabinet Works suggests a range of ways in which successful kitchen designs can be achieved with a lower cost. 10 Ways to Lower Your Costs outlines what it considers the best ways to achieve lowers costs including;

1. Cut down on built-in accessories you don’t need
2. Use glass doors but don’t divide them with mullions
3. Consider one big cabinet rather than two small ones
4. And, to consider larger mouldings rather than smaller stacked ones

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These tips are brilliant and efficient suggestions on how small changes, like taking up the option of one larger kitchen cabinet rather than various smaller ones, can not only save costs but can improve the look of the design immensely.

In addition to these small changes, I have found what can only be described as the best kitchen supplier on the internet. Cut Price Kitchens offer a wide range of kitchens at affordable prices so if you are looking for Cheap Kitchens; they have everything you could ask for from Kitchen Cabinets to Kitchen Worktops at unbeatable prices.

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Inspiring Small Kitchen Designs

Kitchens do not necessarily have to be big to have a big impact. Inspiring Small Kitchen Designs are available online and as long as you have a good recipe to hand, or the cook at least knows what they are doing in the kitchen environment, this will usually be sufficient.

This article provides an insight into small kitchens that still work despite their compactness, and I have to agree with them. There are so many elements you need to consider when designing a kitchen and space is the most crucial factor, however these designs have managed to put everything you might need for a functional kitchen into a small compact space with ease.

I personally like the around-the-corner kitchen which provides a high quality design in a small area but optimising space outside of the general kitchen area for the fridge freezer. This makes the kitchen itself less cluttered whilst still having the fridge freezer in a very local area to the kitchen itself.

I have been looking around for the best place to buy kitchens, and found cheap kitchens at www.cutpricekitchens.co.uk which is based on buying exactly what you need as opposed to buying a kitchen suite for a fixed price. This make sense if you have a small kitchen simply because you buy the exact amount of cabinets, base units, wall units and accessories that you require, which saves you from paying over the odds for a kitchen elsewhere.

Below is the around-the-corner kitchen;

Small Around the Corner Cheap Kitchen

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Planning a Kitchen

I have recently been looking into the best way to design my kitchen and have come across a great article by Andrew Dunning who suggests the best way for planning a kitchen. This article talks about the working triangle which is the location of your cooker, sink and fridge and makes a very valid point that you will be constantly moving between these so try to keep them close to each other. He also points out that having a love for cooking helps understand what will work instantly.

In addition, he goes on to point out that it is a good idea to measure everything and design your kitchen to the finest detail. Ease of use makes for a functional kitchen, and a well designed kitchen not only looks good but needs to be efficient too.

Why not take a look at this article and then visit my favourite supplier for cheap kitchens and purchase your perfect kitchen for an extremely good price.

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Cool New Video from a Favourite Kitchen Supplier Site


thought I’d fire off a quick post letting you know about a cool new video one of my favourite kitchen sites has added recently.  Because I make a point of looking at lots of different retail sites (and kitchen / home improvement ones in particular) I see an awful lot of sites that are hard to navigate and find your way around.

Not many have embraced things like video either. These days with broadband there’s no reason why not. If you want to show off your new range of widgets – make a video. If you want to show visitors how to use your site easier – make a video.

Anyway, I like this one as it has some cool visual effects and explains how to order your new kitchen cabinets etc. See what you think:

For cheap kitchen units visit www.cutpricekitchens.co.uk

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The Luxury of Kitchen Cabinet Soft-Close Doors

Kitchen cupboard soft close doors



Have you ever shut a kitchen cupboard door a little harder than you intended to?

Well, help is at hand in the form of the numerous soft-close mechanisms that are widely available.

These work by absorbing the force applied and gently using the momentum to bring the door to a smooth stop.

The technology is also available for draws, so can give your whole kitchen the ‘soft close’ treatment. This is ideal if you’ve got a lot of kids running around slamming doors and draws shut with reckless abandon.

Best of all, it’s remarkably simple to fit the soft-close mechanism. It’s basically just a special hinge that screws neatly into the inside of your cupboard, replacing the existing hinge.

However, they’re not universal, so you’ll need to make sure you get the right mechanism if you’re thinking of upgrading your existing cupboards to soft close.

Still, it’s worth going to the trouble as it’s a marvelous feature that’s fast becoming the norm in all new kitchens.

Interestingly, the soft-close technology has also been put to good use in other areas, with soft-close toilet seats and soft-close car doors (such as those found on the BMW M5) just two examples.


For cheap kitchen units visit www.cutpricekitchens.co.uk

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Have You Ever Considered Black Kitchen Cupboards?

Black kitchen cupboard ideas

Black kitchen cabinets can make a real impression when they’re implemented correctly. But get it wrong, it’s a one-way ticket to a dark, sad space.

Contemporary black kitchens

Black can be the ideal foundation for a contemporary kitchen. Try teaming black cabinets against a white backdrop. This will create a clean, dramatic look without going overboard.

black kitchen cupboards

Black kitchen cupboards with white worktops


Alternatively, go for laminated, high gloss cabinets this will work well with stainless steel and white, which will make your cabinets pop.

black gloss wall unit doors

Very high gloss black & ebony kitchen cabinet doors

If you do decide to go for a monochrome scheme, accessorise with stainless steel appliances. As white appliances may not give the luxury feel you were looking for.

Traditional black kitchens

black & white kitchen cupboards

Unusual black glazed kitchen wall units

Many different types of wooden cabinets can now be refinished in black. This will give you the best of both worlds you will have the colour you desire however the grain of the wood will still run through your cabinets giving it more of a shabby chic country kitchen feel.

black kitchen cupboards

Black kitchen cabinets with real wood worktops

The above cabinets are paired with a double width wooden worktop to give a warmer feel and can be accessorised to create a more homely environment, if you like the idea of going contemporary but minimalism isn’t a realistic option.

Make sure you pay a visit to the Cut Price Kitchens retail site for a range of different kitchen units to match your preferred style.




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The Importance of Colour in the Kitchen

Kitchen units colour guide

Once you’ve designed the layout for your kitchen units, it’s time to inject some of your own personality into the space.

You’ll obviously achieve this by the style of units you pick, your choice of appliances, etc, but perhaps more than anything, the colour scheme will give your kitchen its signature finish.

Monochromatic scheme

Don’t be scared by the fancy wording, this essentially means just using one colour. That might sound boring to some, but by incorporating different shades of blue, green or even white (yes, there are different shades of white), you can create a striking design.

kitchen units colour guide

Modern lime green kitchen cupboards

If you’re trying to steer clear of an outrageous, loud design, using a neutral colour and employing the monochromatic technique is a great idea.

Complimentary scheme

As apposed to using the multiple subtle tones of one colour, the idea behind the complimentary scheme is to use two completely diverse colours to create a striking design.

kitchen units colour guide

Red & black kitchen cupboards

This is a bold choice, but one that’s becoming increasingly popular. The effect works best with high-gloss units to create a premium, contemporary feel.

Analogous scheme

The analogous colour scheme is essentially a mixture of the previous two concepts, using three different colours but ensuring the trio of tones are neatly tied together. For example, combining earthy colours such as brown, grey and black helps craft a warm, homely environment.

kitchen units colour guide

kitchen units colour guide

For a variety of colour kitchen units, make sure you head over to the Cut Price Kitchens retail site.

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How to Choose the Right Style of Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboard styles



Picking a style for your kitchen cupboards can be a difficult, drawn-out process, particularly if you’re unsure about what you want. So here are a few ideas for you to consider.


matt white kitchen units

Matt white glazed kitchen cabinets







Matt-white cupboards are a popular choice for those trying to create a warm, homely environment in their kitchen. Teamed with natural wood surfaces and glass doors for overhead cupboards, you create a charming and light space.



rustic kitchen cupboards

French style rustic kitchen design

If you’re a fan of the rustic, country kitchen then a great way to achieve the look is to combine distressed cupboard doors with dark metal fittings. Opt for open shelves rather than overhead cupboards, but keep only the more aesthetically pleasing pots and pans on show.



kitchen cupboard styles

Brown kitchen cabinets with white worktops

If you’re in the market for something more efficient, with cleaner lines then you might opt for a more industrial look. Match heavy dark wooden cupboards with strong metallic fittings and thick worktops to replicate the style. A simple stainless steel hob and hood complete the look.



kitchen cupboard styles

red gloss kitchen cabinets

A common misconception is that all contemporary kitchens are cold, intimidating spaces that look great in pictures but aren’t particularly pleasant to be in. To avoid this, team striking high gloss cupboards with a warmer tone such as natural wood. This can be introduced in your choice of floor or by opting for a bold worktop.

For cheap kitchen units visit www.cutpricekitchens.co.uk

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Suggested Layouts for Kitchen Units

Suggested layouts for kitchen units

Carefully planning the layout of your kitchen units is imperative if you want to make the most of the space you have available.

Every kitchen is different and unless you’re planning a lavish extension you need to make the room you have work efficiently.

So with that in mind, here are some suggested kitchen unit layouts for you to consider.

Galley layout

If you only have a small, narrow kitchen to work with, this layout can help create the illusion of a larger area. By employing just one simple row of units you benefit from added floor space. However, this design can restrict the amount of preparation space available, as well as leaving you short on storage.


Galley kitchen unit layout

A galley kitchen unit layout

Corridor layout

Does exactly what it says on the tin, transforming your kitchen into a corridor like space. Compared to the galley layout, you enjoy more storage and larger preparation areas. Be warned though, this can easily make a room seem smaller, particularly if you opt for additional overhead units. But if you’re working with a particularly wide space, this could be the ideal solution.


Corridor kitchen unit layout

Corridor kitchen unit layout



U-shaped layout

Wrapping units around 3 walls to form a U-shape is a popular choice, particularly for those who don’t want overhead cupboards. Although you eat up a lot of floor space with this layout, you benefit from lots of storage and an efficient food preparation area. This works particularly well in a large, square room.


U shaped kitchen layout

U-shaped kitchen unit layout

L-shaped layout

Perhaps the most traditional layout for a kitchen is the L-shaped design. The reason for that is, it gives you ample storage and preparation space, but still leaves enough room for a kitchen table. Hence why it’s been a popular choice as a family kitchen for generations.



L-shaped kitchen unit layout

L-shaped kitchen unit layout

For a selection of stylish and affordable kitchen units, make sure you check out the Cut Price Kitchens retail site.

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