Have You Ever Considered Black Kitchen Cupboards?

Black kitchen cupboard ideas

Black kitchen cabinets can make a real impression when they’re implemented correctly. But get it wrong, it’s a one-way ticket to a dark, sad space.

Contemporary black kitchens

Black can be the ideal foundation for a contemporary kitchen. Try teaming black cabinets against a white backdrop. This will create a clean, dramatic look without going overboard.

black kitchen cupboards

Black kitchen cupboards with white worktops


Alternatively, go for laminated, high gloss cabinets this will work well with stainless steel and white, which will make your cabinets pop.

black gloss wall unit doors

Very high gloss black & ebony kitchen cabinet doors

If you do decide to go for a monochrome scheme, accessorise with stainless steel appliances. As white appliances may not give the luxury feel you were looking for.

Traditional black kitchens

black & white kitchen cupboards

Unusual black glazed kitchen wall units

Many different types of wooden cabinets can now be refinished in black. This will give you the best of both worlds you will have the colour you desire however the grain of the wood will still run through your cabinets giving it more of a shabby chic country kitchen feel.

black kitchen cupboards

Black kitchen cabinets with real wood worktops

The above cabinets are paired with a double width wooden worktop to give a warmer feel and can be accessorised to create a more homely environment, if you like the idea of going contemporary but minimalism isn’t a realistic option.

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