Suggested Layouts for Kitchen Units

Suggested layouts for kitchen units

Carefully planning the layout of your kitchen units is imperative if you want to make the most of the space you have available.

Every kitchen is different and unless you’re planning a lavish extension you need to make the room you have work efficiently.

So with that in mind, here are some suggested kitchen unit layouts for you to consider.

Galley layout

If you only have a small, narrow kitchen to work with, this layout can help create the illusion of a larger area. By employing just one simple row of units you benefit from added floor space. However, this design can restrict the amount of preparation space available, as well as leaving you short on storage.


Galley kitchen unit layout

A galley kitchen unit layout

Corridor layout

Does exactly what it says on the tin, transforming your kitchen into a corridor like space. Compared to the galley layout, you enjoy more storage and larger preparation areas. Be warned though, this can easily make a room seem smaller, particularly if you opt for additional overhead units. But if you’re working with a particularly wide space, this could be the ideal solution.


Corridor kitchen unit layout

Corridor kitchen unit layout



U-shaped layout

Wrapping units around 3 walls to form a U-shape is a popular choice, particularly for those who don’t want overhead cupboards. Although you eat up a lot of floor space with this layout, you benefit from lots of storage and an efficient food preparation area. This works particularly well in a large, square room.


U shaped kitchen layout

U-shaped kitchen unit layout

L-shaped layout

Perhaps the most traditional layout for a kitchen is the L-shaped design. The reason for that is, it gives you ample storage and preparation space, but still leaves enough room for a kitchen table. Hence why it’s been a popular choice as a family kitchen for generations.



L-shaped kitchen unit layout

L-shaped kitchen unit layout

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