The Importance of Colour in the Kitchen

Kitchen units colour guide

Once you’ve designed the layout for your kitchen units, it’s time to inject some of your own personality into the space.

You’ll obviously achieve this by the style of units you pick, your choice of appliances, etc, but perhaps more than anything, the colour scheme will give your kitchen its signature finish.

Monochromatic scheme

Don’t be scared by the fancy wording, this essentially means just using one colour. That might sound boring to some, but by incorporating different shades of blue, green or even white (yes, there are different shades of white), you can create a striking design.

kitchen units colour guide

Modern lime green kitchen cupboards

If you’re trying to steer clear of an outrageous, loud design, using a neutral colour and employing the monochromatic technique is a great idea.

Complimentary scheme

As apposed to using the multiple subtle tones of one colour, the idea behind the complimentary scheme is to use two completely diverse colours to create a striking design.

kitchen units colour guide

Red & black kitchen cupboards

This is a bold choice, but one that’s becoming increasingly popular. The effect works best with high-gloss units to create a premium, contemporary feel.

Analogous scheme

The analogous colour scheme is essentially a mixture of the previous two concepts, using three different colours but ensuring the trio of tones are neatly tied together. For example, combining earthy colours such as brown, grey and black helps craft a warm, homely environment.

kitchen units colour guide

kitchen units colour guide

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