Planning a Kitchen

I have recently been looking into the best way to design my kitchen and have come across a great article by Andrew Dunning who suggests the best way for planning a kitchen. This article talks about the working triangle which is the location of your cooker, sink and fridge and makes a very valid point that you will be constantly moving between these so try to keep them close to each other. He also points out that having a love for cooking helps understand what will work instantly.

In addition, he goes on to point out that it is a good idea to measure everything and design your kitchen to the finest detail. Ease of use makes for a functional kitchen, and a well designed kitchen not only looks good but needs to be efficient too.

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  1. Jessica Green says:

    Wow, thanks for this. The working triangle is one of the best ideas ever, I am just designing my kitchen because I got fed up with walking to the refrigerator every 2 minutes.

    I took inspiration from this post, however I also have to say, Cut Price Kitchens is a very easy to use website and is very cheap aswell.

    Thanks Kitchen Units Cheap, you have saved me a lot of time a money!

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